A couple's conversation about comics

23 - Bendis' DC Project

This week Tracy and Aaron talk about the highlights and surprising lowlights of this week's comics. There were some big disappointments, but it makes for an interesting discussion. 

Comics Discussed:
Batman #39
Family Trade #4
Bombshells United #10
Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #299
Doctor Strange #384
Might Thor #703
Wonder Woman/Conan #5
Cat Diaries: Yon & Mu
Detective Comics vol 4 - Deus Ex Machina

Comic News:
First DC comic announced for Brian Michael Bendis

Newlywed Question: What comic would you like to see Brian Michael Bendis write at DC? 

Marriage Issues artwork by Severin Piehl.

Music by acclivity, WeddingBells1; CC BY-NC 3.0

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